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We offer self-service dog washing, dog grooming, all natural dog and cat food and high-end supplies. Our retail store and grooming services are designed around our belief that customer service is as important, as the quality of the products and services provided.


​​​Our Story

Our love for animals is quite diverse, from internships at a Zoo, to dog walking businesses, fostering animals and volunteering at local shelters. But nothing can compare to our love for our household pets. We have three dogs and a cat and their health and wellbeing is at the top of the list. Especially for one of our dogs in particular, his name is Chase. Chase is a shelter dog with breed unknown, they say he is an Aussie Cattle dog, but he heavily resembles an Australian Dingo. This is where our name stems from! We figured Chase was just a picky eater, but as time went on he rarely ate and he was starting to look very sickly. After months of trying different types of kibble, holistic brands, grain free and even freeze-dried, we began to venture into the raw world for food. He absolutely fell in love with raw food and now it’s the staple of his everyday diet, he even gained back all of his weight and looks healthy again.

Our story is one filled with trial and error and it was a long one. Our goal at Dingo Diner is to help you select the best food for your best friend, without the months of trial and error and self-taught solutions. We want to help your best friend, be at their best.